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Free shipping for orders over R1,000

Coffee Pods


This box contains:

  • 10x Brandy pods™
  • 10x Marula pods™
  • 10x Whiskey pods™

The taste of Marula pods™: A full-bodied Marula-infused coffee™ with notes of sweet almonds that provide a nutty, toasted back note on the palate.

The taste of Brandy pods™: Infused with some of the best arabica beans and premium brandy to produce a full-bodied coffee with notes of stewed fruits, simmering spices & crushed walnuts.

The taste of Whiskey pods™: Two of the greatest things handcrafted together to create a unique full-bodied coffee with an oak flavour complemented by the sweetness of the whiskey.

100% compostable pods & Pouch & Nespresso compatible

This product may contain traces of alcohol. 

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